Counselling for Youth

Navigate identity concerns, perfectionism, destructive behaviors, sexual or gender questions & body concerns

Manage mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, self-harm & diagnosed mental health conditions as part of a mental health team

Social isolation, school pressures, peer pressure, performance anxiety & school refusal

Change including, moving house, divorce & separation, change in friendship groups or schools

Manage grief and loss

Through play therapy, we support children to discuss and understand their feelings, emotions and behaviours

Mudgee counselling can support to manage mental health concerns as part of a mental health team

With a focus on emotion coaching, we aim to empower the child to support themselves to overcome challenges and refocus energy to bring positive change to their lives.

Taking a trauma-informed approach to counselling, Mudgee Counselling Service supports children and families to overcome trauma and adversity.

Neurodivergent Youth

We believe that everyone has something to offer, and fear, anxiety, quirkiness, and limited social skills should not get in the way of letting you share your something with others.

This group is aimed at people 18 to 25 who have trouble with managing anxiety in social settings, have neurodivergence or are on the waitlist for a neuro diagnosis and or find they just don’t quite feel like they have found where they fit in Mudgee.

OThER YoUth ReAlated LinKs for MuDgeE