Neurodivergent Youth 

18 yrs - 25 yrs 

Open group for young people who just haven't found where they fit. 

(Open Group mean: you can come and go as you please. Show up one week and not the next; leave at 1/2 time. Show up at 1/2 time. Participants are not locked in, and staff will not be responsible for participants that leave early. 

Practical Details




How to sign up 

More info...

 Who is running this group and where do we get our funding?

Lone Ashlin is PACFA registered psychological counsellor, with a degree in psychotherapy and counselling, and experience in youth work, mental health recovery and disability support work.

 Karren has years of experience working directly with clients with all kinds of challenges, including mental health and physical disability. 


Spencer Broom is a year 11 student at Mudgee High, a drummer for Jhana and punk rock enthusiasts. Spencer is passionate about all things music and is here to help answer questions and share his knowledge and skills as our peer support worker.

Mudgee Counselling Service is a private practice counselling and psychotherapy allied health service. We are completely self-funded and currently have not received any grants or additional money from any organisation or government. The contribution of your sign-up and participation fees go directly to this group. Any additional funding required is supplied by Mudgee Counselling Service directly. 



Respect everyone, staff, participants, the neighbours - you know what this means, please don't make us list it. 

Clean up after yourself - again you know what this means 

Let us know if you are going home - so we don't lock you in, or worry 

Let us know if you are struggling - so we can help! That's the whole point of this group 

NO DRUG, NO GUNS, NO ALCOHOL - soz but thems the rules 

COVID 19 Policy 

Our COVID-19 policy remains in line with NSW government regulations and will be adjusted according to the guidelines

for more information, please see 

What's it cost 

How much? 

$10 per session - this can be paid weekly, in part payment or all upfront. 

How do I pay? There are a few options 

Complaints & who to talk to for support

Please direct any complaints to either Karren on Lone, this will mean your concerns can be dealt with in the most officiant manner. 

If you are not comfortable with verbal communication, email us at or text us privately (numbers will be provided)

Well, aim to take all feedback on board as this is an evolving group we value your opinion, thoughts and preferences, so please share!!

If you are having conflict within the group that’s great :) Please let us help you use this opportunity to practice some conflict resolution skills. This could also help the person you are feeling conflict with to practice or work on areas of their own social skills. 

BIG TIME COMPLAINTS - if you have a complete that we didn’t handle as well as you would have liked. Please follow these links to make an official complaint with the governing bodies we are registered with. 

VALUES and vision 

We believe that everyone has something to offer, and fear, anxiety, quirkiness, and limited social skills should not get in the way of letting you share your something with others. 

This group is aimed at people 18 to 25 who have trouble with managing anxiety in social settings, have neurodivergence or are on the waitlist for a neuro diagnosis and or find they just don’t quite feel like they have found where they fit in Mudgee. 

Now, this is not a guarantee you will find you fit here either. But this group is different to the others; no skills required, no defined interest required, and no experience required.

We know something is missing for Mudgee people; let's work it out together. 

What to expect 

FOOD: We will supply snacks for the group each week – please indicate if you have any allergies to food requirements so we can plan ahead.

FUN: we aim to meet the needs of group members; we have the flexibility to provide a number of therapeutic activities to support the individuality of group members while also offering a safe and positive space to develop skills and tackle challenges.

ACCEPTANCE: we love human existence in all its colourful and creative contexts. This group will be a safe and inclusive place for young people who may have found they don’t always feel understood, accepted or like they fit in.

CREATIVITY: One superpower we all bring to this group is creativity; both Ritchie and Spencer are musos with talent to spare. Kaz and Lone are messy, colourful characters that see the beauty in every spill. Please bring along your creativity and love for all things outside the box.

THERAPEUTIC SUPPORT: while this is not a therapeutic group, Kaz and Lone are trained in mental health and neurodivergence.  This means if you need some additional guidance, we might be able to help. If you don’t, we won’t push it on you.

COMMUNITY CONNECTION: feeling connected if essential to human development and feelings of well-being. Get out of the house, meet the people some people and maybe make a friend (no pressure).