Emotions get messy 

DAY 1 

Kids Only

9:30am – 12:30pm

Friday 7th July

DAY 2 

Kids & Their Grown-ups

2:30pm – 4:30pm

Wednesday 12th July 

Emotions Get Messy is a 5-hour emotional awareness and expression workshop delivered over 2 days designed for big energy kids to help them understand, label and express emotions in a fun, messy, interactive way. Children also gain tools and strategies to manage big emotions. On the second day, the children bring a willing adult into their world for 2 hours, where they will teach them all they have learned about emotions and mess!!

Who is this group for?

Kids aged 7yrs to 11yrs who have a creative streak and would like to learn more about their emotions and how to self-regulate. Grown-ups of kids who find they just don’t speak the same language after school, before school, during dinner, during that important meeting/phone call/ appointment, or ever and would like to be able to help when things hit the “fan”. 

What do the kids need TO have?

What will mudgee counselling service provide?


Emotions are Messy - School Holidays - Winter 2023 - 5hrs over 2 days is $ 120.00. 

Please be aware fees must be paid prior to attendance. Enrolments will be completed by Monday 3rd July 2023. 

program overview & what to expect

Not Really Group Therapy

While the children will be learning therapeutic intervention and tools, this is not a group therapy session, children will not be asked to share history, trauma stories or reveal any personal information in the group. This skills workshop teaches children to express themselves and their emotions in the biggest messiest way with wonderful results. 

Program Overview 

Program developed by Mudgee Counselling Service using therapeutic interventions taken from Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Mindful Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Art and Music Therapy. 


Section 1. Music Art and Emotions 

Section 2. Understanding Emotions 

Section 3. ACT - Skills Building 


Section 1. Show and Tell our emotions and artworks 

Section 2. Kids lead what we learnt about emotions 

Section 3. ACT skills