What are some signs my child or family might benefit from counselling?

· Changes in eating and sleeping habits

· Changes in behavior

· Extreme or prolonged feelings of sadness, worry or distress

· Feeling isolated

· Increased physical complaints ie. Headaches and stomach upsets in children

· Regression, behaving younger or unable to do things they could before

· Sudden or large changes in life ie, death, divorce, moving to a new location or school

How do I know if counselling is right for my child and family?

Counselling can be a scary and overwhelming idea for people who have not used the service before. We like to think of counselling like any other medical support. While some people may need medication and intensive clinical support, others need specialised support for a specific injury or complaint, like a physiotherapist or dietician to support recovery and manage symptoms.

Counselling can offer that support and should further help be required our counsellor is skilled in making mental health referrals to GPs and Community Mental Health teams to support clients and families further.

Can a counsellor diagnose my child?

Counsellors do not diagnose mental illness, behavioural issues or other medical conditions. Counselling can support children and families, pre and post diagnosis and in some cases can be an alternative to medication. For medical advice please see your GP or mental health care provider.

Do i need a referral from a doctor for counselling

No, you or your child do not need a doctor’s referral for counselling. Some counsellors offer a Medicare rebate option with a mental health care plan. Mudgee Counselling Service does not offer this option. For payments and billing information please see payments and billing

How much will it cost?

Standard individual and youth sessions $125 - $160 per session

Children under 12yrs $135 - $150 - per session

Couple sessions $200 - per couple

Family Session $125 - $225 per session

Different people require different care, fee variations are to allow for the current training and care for each individual

Clients may be eligible for private health rebates or alternative payment options please see